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Our Vision

Blue Resonance is an enterprise application development company focused on enabling enterprise solutions in mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, companies large and small need to expand their network footprint to include mobile systems as well as exploit new IoT opportunities. Blue Resonance, with its expertise in mobile apps, backend services, security and networking capabilities, is in a strong position to serve these exciting and dynamic market requirements.   

Our Design Strategy

Blue Resonance's Mobile Core Strategy™ service is based on a five step process which has proven to be extremely effective for our customers in their programs to expand their services onto mobile platforms.   We work with each of our customers and walk through each step of the strategy.   

Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Businesses recognize that expanding existing systems or introducing new systems that support business operations, workforce automation, and customer management onto mobile platforms are critical to maintain profitability, competitiveness and overall business performance.  Blue Resonance helps companies succeed through its innovative Mobile Core Strategy™, a proven methodology to ensure that investments made in mobilization maximize financial and operational returns.

Too many mobile application efforts focus only on the development of an app.  The result is a world is flooded with apps that flounder and are never used.  Apps have to tie in with an overall business and technology strategy which supports the ambitions and existing framework of an enterprise.  Apps that are designed in coherence with a business often can serve as a catalyst to business performance and bottom line results.

Only once an underlying business framework and objectives are understood can apps be designed in a way to be compelling, valuable, useful and worthwhile.  When combined with professional and simple to use user interface and graphics, this combination of aesthetics and function combine to ensure mobilization success.

Blue Resonance is in a unique position to help companies succeed in the mobile applications space.  With its years of experience on enterprise systems, mobile applications and marketing has developed Mobile Core Strategy™ to the help their clients succeed in their efforts to expand into mobile based systems.



IoT  Services


IoT is the logical extension of the mobile revolution.  IoT is the manifestation of the internet into the physical world around us and it represents the next major wave of opportunity for business.  Blue Resonance is in a strong position to serve this market due to its core expertise in application development, back end services and security competence. Typical IoT applications require a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to serve as a controller.  For example, an internet enabled home security system will have a mobile app available to allow end customers to monitor the status of various sensors as well as the display of on premise cameras.   Blue Resonance works with companies looking to create new IoT products or take existing legacy systems and convert them to on line systems.  To learn about Blue Resonance services please click here or check out the IoT Services Tab on this website.



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