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OUR Services


Native Mobile App Development


Your app is just weeks away! We offer native app development for the iOS and Android platforms with the following salient features:


  • blazing  performance

  • pixel perfect User Interface

  • highly engaging and responsive design

  • integration with native and external sensors

  • Easy deployment for testing and production

iOS Expertise ( iPhone & iPad ):


From application concept to the Apple store, we have expertise in the following technologies of iOS development.

  • Languages and Framework: Objective-C, UIKit, Core foundation, Core Services, CoreAnimation, CoreLocation, MapKit, Cocoa Touch, Cocos2D, JSONModel, Custom interface controls, CoreMotion, CoreImage, CoreText, Testflight, QuartzCore, UIKit Dynamics;

  • IDE: XCode, AppCode;

  • Data Storage: Core Data, SQLite, file storage;

  • Data Languages: JSON, XML; 

  • Third Party Tools: Crashlytics, AdMob, Google Analytics, GIT;

Android Expertise ( Phones & Tablets ):


We also support Android, the most popular, open mobile platform in the workd , we have expertise in the following technologies of Android development.

  • Languages: Java (Dalvik VM), C/C++ (JNI)

  • API: Web API, Search API, Location and map API, Media API, Widget API

  • Data storage: SQLite, file storage

  • Data languages: JSON , XML

  • Test frameworks: Android Unit tests, Robotium

  • IDE: Eclipse, Ant, Android Development Tools (ADT), Eclipse, Android Studio and XML Layouts

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