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Internet of Things (IoT) Services

Blue Resonance is actively expanding its enterprise development services to include both consulting and development in the field of the Internet of Things projects.

Cisco refers to the Internet of Things (IoT) as the Internet of Everything.  The phenomenon which can be described as the networking of all things onto the internet promises to affect human life more than the internet and mobile revolutions combined.

While these are still early days, there is more and more evidence that almost any enterprise will have to start thinking about their IoT strategy both to understand how to use IoT in their own business operations but also how IoT can be harnessed in developing or enhancing enterprise products, offers and services.


Blue Resonance offers the following key services to help Enterprise succeed in developing their IoT projects:

  • IoT Security Consulting and Design

  • Client software design

  • Sensor design options

  • API development platforms and API management options

  • Back end services design

  • IoT monetization strategies consulting

  • Apple Home Kit design support


For IoT, Blue Resonance makes use of its foundation of Mobile Core Strategy to offer mobile app and back end server development for IoT systems.  Blue Resonance works together with customers to ensure that they build systems with clear IoT objectives, a proper topology, an advanced and stable design, impeccable security and ongoing support.


Please contact Blue Resonance for more information as well as conversation on your particular requirements.


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